Introducing a Virtual Web & Voice powered Concierge

Hotel and apartment rentals guests interact with our web or voice-powered digital concierge to discover and book unique local experiences.

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Digital Voice Assistant powered by Wilkins and Alexa

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About Wilkins Concierge

Wilkins/Concierge is a web & voice-assisted digital concierge that provides your guests with around-the-clock personalized concierge services including:

  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Events suggestions
  • Local attractions information
  • Works with on-site or remote concierges

As with all our products, our virtual concierge is powered by the Wilkins AI Platform which includes a powerful recommendations engine. Wilkins Concierge can be customized and integrated with a Hotel's existing IT infrastructure.

Please contact us for a link to our video and private demo

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“You can imagine a voice interface [would work] especially for travel… being able to invoke [recommendations] via voice command could be really powerful.”

Mike Curis, Airbnb VP of engineering - April 2019